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Demon King Cheat System

Demon King's Cheating System, The Demon King Cheat System, Mowang Zuobi Xitong, 魔王作弊系统

Synopsis Demon King Cheat System manga

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One day, countless dungeons appeared across the world. “The Dungeon Era”, or the so-called “Age of Dungeons and Monsters” befell mankind. Aldslay, a boss from an Abyss-Level dungeon was slain by humans using despicable means. Enraged and unwilling to accept it, Aldslay reincarnated into an incompetent player, and accidentally activated the one and only “Boss Player System”. With the aid of the system, he is able to conquer various dungeons and become the Dungeon Master. The road to revenge starts now!

Chapter Demon King Cheat System manga