Empress’s Harem Color
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2019
Author Morel
Artist Dawn Alliance, Morel
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Empress’s Harem

Empress's Harem, El Harem De La Princesa, El Harem De Una Princesa, Queen's Palace, Hậu Cung Của Nữ Đế, Princess' Harem, Queen’s Palace, 女帝多蓝颜, 女帝的后宫

Synopsis Empress’s Harem manga

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It’s often heard: “Third Princess! Third Princess! Your consorts are fighting again!” An overbearing female CEO was transmigrated to a world where women are superior to men. She woke up and found that she suddenly had seven husbands!!! She not only had to take part in the power struggle for the throne, but also deal with a harem of husbands who get easily jealous everyday. “In order to seduce me, these men use all kinds of seductive tricks, and even managed to make my heart skip a beat for them!”

Chapter Empress’s Harem manga