I Will Change The Genre Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2021
Author KEN (켄)
Artist Garine
Serialization Kakaopage (Kakao)
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I Will Change The Genre

The Villainess Flips the Script, I Will Make an Attempt to Change the Genre, It's Time to Change the Genre, La Vilaine réécrit l'histoire !, The Villainess Flips the Script!, นิยายเรื่องนี้ ฉันขอเปลี่ยนสตอรีให้เอง, ジャンル、変えさせて頂きます!, 試著改變故事類型吧, 让我们转变剧情风格, 장르를 바꿔보도록 하겠습니다

Synopsis I Will Change The Genre manga

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I woke up inside my favorite novel, not as the protagonist, Luca Winterwald, but as Judith, his abusive aunt and the first character to die—time for a rewrite! I’ll hand Luca off to his loving, long-lost uncle as scripted, and then live my own life far from danger. At least, that was the plan. When his uncle arrives, Luca suddenly calls out, “Don’t leave!” Now, I must protect Luca from impending family tragedy, raise him to become the hero, and turn this villainess’s ending upside down!

Chapter I Will Change The Genre manga