Shura Sword Sovereign Color
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2019
Author 作者漫莱坞
Artist 作者漫莱坞
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Shura Sword Sovereign

Shura Sword Sovereign, Xiuluo Jian Zun, 修罗剑尊, 천검지존

Synopsis Shura Sword Sovereign manga

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Several centuries ago, the Saber Lord defeated the Sword Emperor, causing countless sword cultivators to lose their status. They were bullied and ridiculed, until… the birth of a certain young man, one destined to bring about change! Chu Mu was originally the adopted son of the Chu Family. Yet, after he sacrificed his saber soul to perfect his sword soul, he fell from his glorious throne. They laughed at him, betrayed him, and even his fiancee chose to leave him… But what’s wrong with having a “useless” sword soul? With a determined heart, Chu Mu will do the sword soul justice, and become the most powerful being in the universe!

Chapter Shura Sword Sovereign manga